Monday, 19 August 2013

Killing (Deleting) Facebook Account - quick'n'dirty

Hi there,

I've been registered at Facebook since 2009. Now I've killed my account. This has several reasons:

- Since I've registered the spam and ads are increasing and now Facebook want's the users to watch ad videos in their timeline. So Facebook is just an advertising rostrum.
- I've been registered at ADN and really like it much more than Twitter or Facebook, I have to pay for it, but that's totally worth it as there are no ads.
- I don't want Facebook to track me and my behavior and Facebook has no real value to me anymore when compared to all the privacy issues.
- Instead of clicking dump Like Buttons of actions people talk about, I want to talk to a few people in real life or do a chit-chat via phone without any distractions. I don't even concentrate on the conversation when I was chatting via Facebook as I was always doing something aside, like googling, scrolling the Facebook timeline etc. Of course that's no real argument against Facebook, but a behavior that I want to change and Facebook is not supporting me by achieving this.
- Several weeks ago I've read a tweet, unfortunately I don't have a link to it, that Facebook is the new "going to the kitchen and looking in the fridge". And exactly that's how I feel when I'm using Facebook, sometimes I just think it's a waste of time.

So this is what I've done:

1. I requested for a copy of all my Facebook data. You can make this request when you go to your preferences and click on the link "download your Facebook data". An e-mail will be send to you with a download link. I've got the e-mail after some minutes and download the archive.

2. As I couldn't find a button for deleting my account in the preferences (I thought that it would be hard to find the delete button), I could find the following link in a blog:

3. After clicking on this link your account is deleted. But it is only deleted if you don't login for the next 14 days. If you log in your account will be reactivated.

4. Use your free time wisely :-)