Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Dell PowerEdge 1600 SC

I've got a new machine for setting up a penetration testing lab at home. I just bought it recently for 50 Euro on a flea market and it was really a snip. It is a Dell PowerEdge 1600 SC.

Specification of my server:

2 x 2,8 Ghz Xeon CPU
4 x 1 GB ECC
Gigbabit Ethernet
1 x 32 GB Ultra 320 SCSI

After I checked the Windows XP installation on this machine (and I didn't found anything useful or interesting), I decided to install VMware ESX Server 3.5 immediately. This is the latest version that can be used on 32-Bit Hardware. Version 4 and 5 of ESX Server can only be operated on 64-Bit Hardware.

With this little hint by, I was able to install ESX Server 3.5 to an old 160 GB IDE HD.

Now I have an IDE datastore (datastore1) with 148 GB of space and a SCSI datastore (datastore2) with 29 GB of space.

Datastore2 will be used as space for ISOs, Datastore1 will be used as space for the virtual machines.

Official specification by Dell
Great information ressource for ESXi 3.5
Compatible Hardware with ESXi 3.5

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